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Striped Spirits

Striped Whiskey

Our approach to Striped Whiskey was the same as for our Striped ‘Shine. We aimed to create something historically accurate that would remind you of simpler times, when corn whiskey was first made many years ago.

While the natural flavors of our local corn grown on Myer’s Farm in Bowman, SC shine through, the smokiness of the barrel hits you on the back end. Perfect for Irish-style whiskey fans, Striped Whiskey is light, clean and simple.

We have only released one batch of our whiskey and plan to do more seasonally. We are currently aging what will eventually be bourbon, so right now, our whiskey is on the same wave length as our bourbon- on a quiet, limited release plan. If you’re interested in staying up to date, please add yourself to our email list when you visit the distillery or email

Where to Find Striped Whiskey


                      Striped Whiskey

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Striped Irishman

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